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Diante disso, fica evidente a necessidade de maiores orientacoes voltadas tambem para o armazenamento bem como, a forma correta de ofertar o leite materno possibilitando que nao exista a interrupcao da amamentacao quando a mulher retornar ao trabalho ou tenha a necessidade de se ausentar (ROCCI; FERNANDE, 2014).
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It is evident that, although they know that breast milk has health benefits, these women know little about its production and volume (Rocci & Fernandes, 2014).
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Walsh and her husband, Timothy, of Auburn; eight grandchildren, Tony, Amanda, Nicholas, Erika, Bryanna, Emily, Karinna and Andrew; and three great-grandchildren, Mariah, Lilyana and Aria; a brother, Rocci A.
The West African craton is characterized by Paleoproterozoic rocks (2.0 to 2.2 Ga) related to the Eburnean and Birimian orogens, and Archean rocks (Rocci et al.
have developed for this specific type of communication situation, to the application of frameworks developed in other contexts, such as Fludernik's narratology (chapter four), or Riggoti's and Rocci's application of argumentation theory and congruity theory (based on Austin's and Searle's Speech Act Theory) in chapter seven.
The basal recording of blood pressure was done using sphygmomanometer by standard Riva Rocci method.
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