ROCCSResearch for Ovarian Cancer and Continued Survival
ROCCSRepresenting Our City Christian Style (Little Rock, AR)
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There are two types of [Ca.sup.2+] channels on the plasma membranes of vascular smooth muscle cells: receptor-operated [Ca.sup.2+] channels (ROCCs) and voltage-dependent [Ca.sup.2+] channels (VDCCs) (Xiong and Sperelakis, 1995).
In the future she plans to become one of Ovacome's team of ROCCs - Regional Ovarian Cancer Co-ordinators, providing support for sufferers.
It is well known that the maintenance of smooth muscle contraction depends upon [Ca.sup.2+] entry from extracellular space through voltage- and/or receptor-operated calcium channels (VOCCs and/or ROCCs, respectively) (Nelson et al., 1990; Karaki and Weiss, 1988).