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ROCEReturn On Capital Employed
ROCERDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) over Converged Ethernet (data transfer)
ROCERussian Orthodox Church in Exile
ROCEReturn on Capital Equity (finance)
ROCERules of Coordination and Engagement
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Each strategy also must contain financial information, including both historical sales growth and ROCE, and at least a five-year forecast of sales and ROCE.
* The Report commentary suggests that ROA/ ROCE may be more reliable for a manufacturer than for a distributor because the level of operating assets may have a higher correlation to profitability.
EXHIBIT 1 Good management is rewarded Comparison of management score with return on capital employed (ROCE), percent Poor financial Good financial Number of Management score performance performance (1) companies Lowest 1 0 100 2 2 50 50 19 3 60 40 53 4 73 27 26 Highest 5 0 0 0 100% (1) 5-year ROCE greater than sector average.
In Canada, this trend was reflected by average gains in net income, revenues, and ROCE for the 11 Canadian-based companies that participated in the survey.
ROCE compares total net earnings to total capital employed, omitting nothing in the financial measurement.
Return on capital employed (ROCE) for the full year 2019 is now expected to decline considerably compared with the previous year (previous forecast: ROCE slightly, i.e.
From 2006, ProfilGruppen said it has had the unchanged financial targets of Return on capital employed (ROCE), 15 % over a business cycle; Operating margin (EBIT %), 6 % over a business cycle and net debt ratio in a range of 0,75-1,00.
has unveiled software driver support for ConnectX-4 Ethernet and RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) on VMware vSphere, the industry's leading virtualization platform.
(2014), the level of intangibles has a direct relationship with profitability, by comparing the intangibles-to-total-assets ratio and other measures of profitability such as Return of Assets (ROA), Return of Capital Employed (ROCE), and Gross Margin (GM).
First, the company's earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) as a proportion of its net fixed assets plus net working capital; this ratio is akin to adjusted return on capital employed (RoCE).