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ROCFReal Orange Carbon Fiber (cars)
ROCFReceived on Certificate From (Quaker term)
ROCFRey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (neurology)
ROCFRosicrucian Order Crotona Fellowship
ROCFRemote Operator Console Facility
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Many cognitive studies have suggested that there are working memory deficits in ADHD children.[sup][40],[41],[42] Inattention and impaired cognitive abilities serve as dual pathways between ADHD and later academic achievement.[sup][43],[44],[45],[46] This study found that the executive skill training improved immediate or delayed recall scores of the ROCF, the working memory subscale of the BRIEF, ADHD-RS-IV inattention score, and possibly the learning and school subscale of the WFIRS-P, which suggested that the executive skill training improved ADHD children's working memory (in laboratory performance as well as in everyday life settings) and attention, both of which contributed to better academic performance.
The Clock Drawing Test correlates with visuospatial tests like the ROCF and the Block Design [31,32].
The immediate and delayed recall conditions of the ROCF were also included as a measure of visual memory.
In the ROCF, individuals are asked to copy and later recall a complex figure composed of 64 segments.
A BIRMINGHAM family totd today of their terror when a 50-foot tree crashed throughi the rocf of their council house in the hurricane which swept the Midlands last night.
The first version (ROCF) is not adjusted for interfirm differences in MOW expense and government aid, so both of these variables are in the model as explanatory variables.
2004 ROCF Boston 10.0 [down arrow] Stiles and copy Bellinger organization 1993 scores Attention Vigilance CPT Detroit 1 7.5 [down arrow] Chiodo et number correct al.
They were assessed with the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT), Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST), Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (ROCF), and Wechsler Memory Scale Revised (WMS-R) digit span subtest.