ROCIRadius of Outermost Closed Isobar (cyclones)
ROCIRauschenberg Overseas Cultural Interchange (est. 1984)
ROCIReturn on Capital Invested
ROCIRocketeers of Central Indiana (model rockets)
ROCIReview of Criminality Information (UK)
ROCIReserve Officer Candidate Indoctrination
ROCIResults-Oriented Cycle of Inquiry (educational analysis protocol)
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At the heart of this study is a collaborative inquiry framework, reform-oriented collaborative inquiry (ROCI; Figure 1), designed to support middle level student teachers in engaging in reform-oriented student teaching.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the utility of ROCI as a pedagogy for the particular quandary of reform-oriented middle school student teaching.
What challenges did the student teachers encounter as they used ROCI to engage in reform-oriented student teaching?
In what ways did ROCI facilitate the goal of reform-oriented student teaching?
Drawing on these perspectives, I developed ROCI as a pedagogy for supporting reform-oriented student teaching in middle school.
The final ROCI phase began in mid-May and coincided with the official end of student teaching.
Bob traveled around the world with the Rauschenberg Overseas Cultural Interchange (ROCI).
These intensity values could then be adjusted based on the observed radius of maximum wind (RMW; a measure of inner-core size), radius of the outermost closed isobar (ROCI; a measure of TC size), pressure of the outermost closed isobar (POCI; a measure of the environmental pressure), and TC forward motion varied from the climatology of Vickery et al.
The POCI at landfall was a very low 1004 mb, but the hurricane was also quite tiny with an ROCI of 150 n mi.
For example, the staple-and-cardboard-scrap-dappled left side of Castelli/Small Turtle Bowl (Cardboard), 1971, balances an almost unblemished right side displaying the warehouse address for the LEO CASTELLI GALLERY, negotiating the blurred and blurring signs of public (art dealing, artmaking, and art shipping) and private (along with owning kinkajous, Rauschenberg had a pet turtle, Rocky, whose name adds resonance to the acronym ROCI, for Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange); the relation between the two realms invert: Boxes that art was shipped in become art, denying and including their own signage, as no label guarantees a box's contents.
The final chapter concerns Rauschenberg's most elaborate project, the Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange (ROCI).