ROCKIRaster-to-Object Conversion Aided by Knowledge-Based Image Processing
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"It can be complementary to medicine," Rocki told me.
"Packaging and medical robots have different constraints and goals," explained Pap Rocki. "In packaging, you want high speed and repeatability.
"Darrel and Rocki are both executives with major corporations, and they have substantial income.
The crowning of the terrier, who is formally named Fairewood Frolic but goes by Rocki, capped two days of competition by 2,500 dogs in 153 breeds at the 122nd annual show.
Marcia and Pam have blonde hair, and Rocki and Cherie, have brunette hair, but no one else has curly hair.
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While enjoying the Glen Ellyn Historical Society's Vintage Auto Show, the first public event after the terrible water damage the GE History Center suffered in April, Glen Ellyn Woman's Club Co -President, Rocki DeVoy and Treasurer Suzanne Carty formally presented Executive Director of the GEHS Karen Hall with a donation from the GEWC.
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"We're working on the amendments with the banks and we'll have it completed shortly," said Rocki Rockingham, Sunbeam's corporate communications director.
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The board includes: Jeannine Warkow and Rocki DeVoy, co-presidents; Donna Benshoof, first vice president; Suzanne Carty, assistant revisions and treasurer; Sue Madonia, second vice president, membership chairwoman and social assistant; Jean Jeske, third vice president and press; Mary Ellen Duvall, fourth vice president and program chairwoman; Renee Stephan, program assistant; Jill Mullvihill and Mary Ann Deaton, recording secretaries; Margo Matthew, corresponding secretary and scholarship; Phyllis Schoene, social chairwoman; Fran Elliott, hospitality chairwoman; Karen Hall, assistant hospitality; Mary Ann Zeitz, philanthropy, yearbook and scrip program; and Jennifer Darnall, assistant scrip program.
Co-Presidents, Jeannine Warkow and Rocki DeVoy, First VP, Donna Benshoof, Asst.