ROCMRing-Opening/Cross-Metathesis (chemistry)
ROCMRussian Orthodox Church Musicians (Synodal Cathedral Choir; New York, NY)
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AMD also announced a new version of the ROCm open software
"We are developing the ROCM market in key global territories, building on our network of strong customer relationships."
"Atheros' industry-leading ROCm portfolio of wireless technologies delivers uncompromised performance and unique functionality that enables real product differentiation in any mobile device, from cell phones to personal navigation products and gaming devices, enhancing the user experience."
"Having support for Atheros' ROCm solutions on our MSM chipsets helps us continue to bring a new level of mobility to wireless users and deliver numerous new possibilities to the wireless industry."
Its solutions include passenger information systems (PIS), onboard entertainment platforms, remote online condition monitoring (ROCM) and reliability centred maintenance (RCM) methodologies.
Atheros' Radio-on-Chip for Mobile (ROCm) solutions targeting the mobile wireless market are gaining strong momentum.
This package rests on top of an Atheros package, also measuring 12 x 12 mm, which provides the ROCm 802.11a/g and 802.11g (AR6001 family) Mobile WLAN chips in a 376-ball package with a 0.5 mm pitch.