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ROCOFRate of Change of Frequency (islanding detection method for decentralized generation units)
ROCOFRate Of Occurrence Of Failures
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In this work, a novel methodology based on Hilbert Transform (HT) for phasor estimation (magnitude and phase angle), frequency, and ROCOF is proposed.
When the first part of the disturbance in a cycle starts, it is checked whether the absolute value of the ROCOF is equal to 1.5/[T.sub.1] or not.
Since the null hypothesis of constant failure rate cannot be rejected, it makes most sense to use the constant failure rate model to predict the ROCOF. This was done and the MTBF was determined to be 124 days, with a 95% confidence interval of 73 days to 209 days.
In order to assess the validity of the IID assumption, rate of occurrence of failures (ROCOF) curves have to be drawn and Laplace tests for trend estimated[1].
* Rate of occurrence of failures (ROCOF): appropriate in a system which actively controls some potentially dangerous process.