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The influence of different supports (Ir/Si[O.sub.2], Ir/ASA, and Ir/USY) on the hydrogenation and ROCP selectivity during tetralin hydroconversion was also studied.
cis- and trans-decalin are the hydrogenation products which further gived ROCP and cracking (CR) products by hydrogenolysis of endocyclic C-C bond of decalin (ROCP and CR products are not shown in Scheme 1).
In both catalysts, cis- and trans-decalins were obtained as major products from tetralin hydrogenation, along with the other hydrogenation products such as ROCP and CR, and it could be clearly seen on the GC chromatogram(Figure 3),but naphthalene was not obtained under these reaction conditions (at270[degrees]C, using [H.sub.2] pressure of 30 bar, WHSV of 2.3 [h.sup.-1], and [H.sub.2]/feed molar ratio of 40).
The main components of ROCP products are ring contraction (RC) and ring opening (RO).
But as per above discussion in the introduction part cis-decalin is more desired intermediate for the improvement of diesel quality and CN; ROCP products are the most desired products from tetralin hydroconversion.