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RODIReverse Osmosis Deionized (water)
RODIRegister of Digitisation Initiatives (New Zealand)
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Rodi is one of the most active guys in the weighing room - if a horse needed pushing for six miles, he'd push it for six miles - but he's smart enough to know he has to do what they tell him.
His wife Alison explained yesterday: "The doctor said that when Rodi's head hit the ground, one of the bones in the neck was forced backwards 3mm and it smashed into the spinal cord, which is contorted and bruised.
His wife, Alison, said: "Rodi has displaced a bone in his neck.
"I won't be retiring until Rodi Greene says so, as simple as that, and at the moment I'm not going anywhere.
His mother, Mary Greene-Griffiths, said: "Rodi is out of danger and doesn't need an operation.
"At the moment Rodi is flat on his back with his head in a cage.
"Rodi is on course for his best ever season and Mr Pipe has booked him to ride Potentate on Saturday," said the jockey's agent Kevin Winterton.
His agent Russ James said last night: "I have heard from three jockeys that Rodi hasn't broken anything, but because he came down head first he has jarred or displaced a joint in his neck and they are keeping a neck brace on him.
He said: "Bridgy has done a fantastic job with the horse, as we probably came here the underdogs and Rodi has given him a brilliant ride.
Speaking in Rodi Kopany at a meeting attended by county Agriculture executive Aguko Juma and MCA Julius Nyambok, traders' chairman Joseph Athiambo said they have lost more than 15 grounds to land grabbers.
HARNAI -- Chairman Price Control Committee Kalimullah Rodi said the Committee will make all out efforts and supervision to provide standard and hygienic food to the people.
Desi wheat known as rodi is also grown in large swathes of the region.