RODPRegents Online Degree Program
RODPRegistered Organization Development Professional
RODPRegistered Operating Department Practitioner (UK)
RODPReverse Osmosis Desalination Plant (water quality)
RODPRelative Ozone Depletion Potential
RODPRegional Office Data Processing
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The ST/ODP was to perform their first RSI on a pregnant patient under the guidance of both anaesthetists and the RODP.
Alternatively, the actions of the RODP did not suggest total confidence.
As an RODP, I am aware that I may face the obstetric patient many times during my professional career.
If there is a personal need to be deferred from a particular assignment or special school, the officer can communicate that desire in the RODP."
Since its implementation in 2001, RODP has exceeded projected enrollment caps every year.
RODP was rated as one of the top three virtual programs in nation by The Center for Academic Transformation Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2003; recognized by Southern Regional Electronic Campus (SREC) for online student services, showcased as an exemplary system wide model at the national WebCT International Conference, 2003; selected as the virtual university of choice by the Asian American E-Learning Education Support Community, 2004; selected for international presentation by the Oxford University Round Table, 2004; and chosen as one of the five successful virtual universities at the upcoming SREC Conference, December 2004.
Since its launch in the fall of 2001, the RODP has served as a way for hundreds of Tennesseans to earn associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees without having to travel to one of the TBR's six university or 13 community college campuses.
For instance, the homepage of the RODP program lists public syllabi for all courses.
For the board's consideration Wright proposed two symposia: 1) Regents On-Line Degree Program (RODP), "Kudos and Criticisms", and 2) Emerging Public Health Issues in Tennessee.
Jordan emphasized that colleges and universities need to help by offering major subject courses after school hours, on weekends, during summers, or through Regents On-line Degree Program (RODP).
It pays to public person - an occupation fee in the public domain (RODP) Flat, A unit RODP by on site meals, - a unit RODP per meal for third place in the quipement.une possible additional benefit of a period of 7 years is planned: the dealer must provide renovations on quipement.
Contract award: provision of services in the field of occupational medicine in the area served by czzl rodp in krakow.