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ROERRemote Operations ERror
ROERRegional Oxygen Extraction Ratio (aka Regional Oxygen Extraction Rate; neurovascular medicine)
ROERReturn of an Organized Electrical Rhythm
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It was February 23 when the Roer was finally low enough for Simpson to cross.
(2002), los cuales observaron que las especies del genero Sylvilagus tienen habitos nocturnos (04:00 pm a 8:00 am) realizando en estas horas actividades como comer, desplazarse y roer.
The Roer River Battles: Germany's Stand at the Westwall provides a great read for anyone interested in the history of World War II for the period between the Normandy breakout and the Battle of the Bulge.
I became quite familiar with such towns as Beeck, Lindern, Linnich, and with both sides of the Roer River.
Mike Roer has produced a biography of this remarkable figure, somewhat rough in places but always entertaining and informative.
The contracts were received by Ror-Anders VVS & Energi AB and R Blomdahls Roer. The agreements have been valued at SEK280/hour and SEK290/hour, respectively.
They grow by periodic molts, during which they synthesize a new cuticle and partly degrade the old one before it is shed at ecdysis (for reviews, see Stevenson, 1985; Roer and Dillaman, 1993; Goffinet and Jeuniaux, 1994).
Este es el hueso mas duro de roer. Lo es especialmente para muchos cientificos.
However, feeding behavior of radio-collared moose about 80 km farther down along the west coast (Damli and Roer 1995), where limited data indicate a decrease in body mass of calves and yearlings very similar to that of Vestfold, show willow to be almost absent in the moose summer diet in this area.
Bjor and Roer (1980) used a similar rating system for each tuber but then created an overall scab index combining the percentage surface area covered and the type of lesion.
Carl McCall, Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) Commissioner Joseph Lynch, Albany mayor Gerald Jennings, Senator Vincent Leibell, Senator Neil Breslin, Assemblyman John McEneny, Community Preservation Corporation (CPC) President Michael Lappin, project developers John Lankenau, Stan Rosenberg, Demetrios Moragianis and Harvey Roer of State Street Tower Associates, State of New York Mortgage Agency Senior Vice President Frances Walton, community activists, new residents and many others.