ROFAResidual Oil Fly Ash (respiration)
ROFARunway Object Free Area (airports)
ROFAResidents of Fairfield Association (UK)
ROFARotating Over Fire Air
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"This law requires non-citizens of the state of Israel to be loyal to a country they are not citizens of," Rofa said.
The modernisation will include the installation of Nalco Mobotec's patented ROFA (Rotating Opposed Fire Air) and ROTAMIX technologies for combustion optimisation and NOx reduction, in conjunction with modifications undertaken by Remak Rozruch to upgrade the boiler firing and control systems.
We report statistics separately for the UUC and RoW groups as well as their major subsets: the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, rest of Europe (RotE), Oceania, Japan, rest of Asia (RofA), South Africa, and South America.
Feel good in that exquisite winter coat or gillet, treat yourself from a selection of faux fur by Blue Rouge, or choose individual rainwear from the Rofa or Ubu collections.
Alinor, Mat Rofa and Abdul Latif Samian, have previously written brief research articles on this important work, but what is envisioned through this new research project is a complete translation into modern Malay and a critical commentary, after which a detailed study in English will be undertaken.
Microbial stimulation by Mycoplasma fermentans synergistically amplifies IL-6 release by human lung fibroblasts in response to residual oil fly ash (ROFA) and nickel.
A manufacturing facility has been established, located in Jubail Royal Commission, which enables it to offer CP materials and equipment to both local and GCC markets.Supported by world-renowned companies such as the UK-based Saacke together with Germany-based Spectro and Rofa of France to name but three of the many partners for technical equipment supply.
There is additional evidence for lateral gene transfer with rofA and related genes.
Substantial quantities of nickel are emitted in residual oil fly ash (ROFA), but until recently, the species of nickel emitted were unknown.
Among them are Kanzler, Rofa, Mimeograph, Hammonia, Taurus, Burt, Densmore, Lambert and other rare machines, all featured in colour in Mr Adler's latest book.
However, ROFA can tell management how efficiently the company is utilizing the capital it has tied up in land, plant and equipment.