ROFORight of First Offer
ROFO[not an acronym] RoFo Headgear (derived from the name of inventor Randy Flann)
ROFORoyal Farms
ROFORolling Forecast
ROFO.Randall Flann (headgear)
ROFORomantic Forum (craigslist chat forum)
ROFORegistration of a Foreign Support Order
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NextEra has demonstrated sponsor support in various forms including structural modification of the Incentive Distribution Rights fee structure, financial management services agreement and other services agreements and access to its development pipeline through a ROFO agreement.
(8) Note that Florida courts have held that a ROFO is not an unreasonable restraint on alienation.
The projects expected to be undertaken by AAGES under the ROFO in favor of Atlantica represent an important source of future growth for Atlantica.
(NASDAQ: PEGI) (TSX: PEG) (Pattern Energy) has previously added the Ohorayama Wind facility to its list of identified Right of First Offer (ROFO) projects.
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Our strong platform of fully-contracted power facilities, combined with our identified ROFO acquisitions pipeline totaling 1,270 MW, puts Pattern Energy in an excellent position to continue growing its fleet and quarterly dividend.