ROGLRolling on the Ground Laughing
ROGLRolling On Grass Laughing
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La extension del ambito marino en el area de la cuenca panoniana reciente rapidamente decrecio (Rogl, 1999).
Durante el Oligoceno tardio, una conexion marina fue establecida entre el Indo-Pacifico y el Paratetis (Rogl, 1999).
Elementos faunicos tropicales a subtropicales (zona superior NN2) continuaron para migrar al Mediterraneo y Paratetis (Rogl, 1999).
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Globorotalia crassaformis subspecies have been repeatedly used as index forms for subdivision of Quaternary sediments (Rogl, 1974; Krasheninnikov, 1979; Pflaumann, 1988).
A similar form with the same stratigraphic range was recorded in the Indian Ocean (R (Rogl, 1974).
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In the Miocene (Burdigalian), rotations and vertical and horizontal movements of the Lut block and Arabian plate, and the impact between the latter with Turkey, caused the interruption of connection between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean during the Burdigalian (Steininger and Rogl, 1984).