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ROHCRobust Header Compression (IETF)
ROHCRegional Occupational Health Center
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The test covered the major parts of the ROHC standard including a test of robustness over emulated WCDMA/3G links.
This system is based on ROHC Library [34] Due to the nature of MANET we have used unidirectional mode of ROHC Library.
A](G) the packet further moves to ROHC Compression system.
We can therefore only compress IP/UDP headers using IPHC or ROHC.
Toutain, "Performance analysis of a header compression protocol: The ROHC unidirectional mode," Telecommunication Systems, vol.
Starent's Robust Header Compression or ROHC is a critical enabling technology for real-time, interactive applications, such as Voice over IP and streaming media.
These include: NEMO (NEtwork MObility), ROHC (RObust Header Compression), ad-hoc routing, FMIPv6 (Fast Handover for mobile IPv6).
The ROHC mechanism will complement 6WINDGate's software offering to network equipment makers of mobile infrastructures providing the next generation of services combining richer quality voice and video communications.
Developed by ENST's multimedia services and networking department, the ROHC mechanism is capable of up to 95 percent compression of IP headers and 50 percent of packet compression, freeing up bandwidth and improving the efficiency of radio links for better quality voice, audio and video transmissions over IP.
Effnet recently participated in "ROHC in the City", the fourth ROHC interoperability test together with Ericsson, Acticom, ICR and IRISA hosted by Acticom in Berlin.
During recent meetings with operators in Europe it has become evident that demand for ROHC will increase during 2003.
Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERICY) has closed the circle from the initial idea to verification by hosting a successful Robust Header Compression, ROHC, interoperability test recently in Sweden.