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Funding/Support: This material was based on work supported by a grant from ROHO Inc (www.
1) Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Israel; (2) Efficacy Research, Standards and Public Policy, ROHO Inc, Belleville, IL
With this model, the Meridian Wave was identified as the cushion with the highest maximum transmissibility, whereas the ROHO LOW PROFILE, the Comfort Mate Foam, and the Zoombang Protective Gear with Foam were identified as the cushions with the lowest maximum transmissibility.
The Meridian Wave, Vector with Vicair Technology, and ROHO HIGH PROFILE cushions had the lowest transmissibility, whereas the Jay J2 Deep Contour, Comfort Mate Foam, and Zoombang Protective Gear with Foam had the highest transmissibility.
05), and (5) ROHO HIGH PROFILE and Comfort Mate Foam ([rho] = 0.
Additional Contributions: We are grateful to The Comfort Company; The ROHO Group, Inc; Sunrise Medical, Inc; and Supracor, Inc, for providing the cushions for this study; and Mr.
Medicare wheelchair cushion HCPCS coding eligibility requirement for ROHO products [Internet].
We are excited about our unique agreement with The ROHO Group," said Paul Coulis, president of Tempur-Pedic Medical, Inc.
The agreement names The ROHO Group as a third- party distributor of Tempur-Pedic Medical, Inc.
Now the best brand in air technology, ROHO, and the best brand in viscoelastic material, Tempur-Pedic, can work together to address the specific needs of individuals with skin integrity and/or positioning challenges.
RoTech's PTX supplier list at launch includes industry-leading manufacturers Sunrise Medical, Invacare, Pride Mobility, the ROHO group, Invacare Supply Group, Nephron Pharmaceuticals and Pacific Cylinders.
The newest addition to the Taylor Made family is its new ROHO line of putters.