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This has been suggested in many landfill studies (Baker, Greenland, Mendlein, & Harmon, 1988; Lipscomb et al., 1991; Neutra, Lipscomb, Satin, & Shusterman, 1991; Ozonoff et al., 1987; Roht et al., 1985).
The landfill may be considered as an ongoing environmental threat (Roht et al., 1985) causing environmental worry and giving rise to physiologic and psychosomatic responses to stress.
If it were hinted that the dresses were very short, the hint was taken and the dresses were cut shorter; if anyone said that the dancers were peculiarly free and unrestrained, it was not found that the result was to curtail that freedom." Ken Roht has entered into the spirit of these original productions, though working in his own neo-dada style, and as with all the best comedy the pace never flags.
Roht has made the wise decision not to provide a literal translation, but to confine supertitles to a few summarizing phrases, as the plots are too simple, and too silly, to need much explication.
aastal voeti liitu Feliks Kotta, Eduard Mannik, Ralf Parve, Debora Vaarandi, Oskar Luts, Anna Haava, Ernst Sargava, Friedebert Tuglas, Karl Eduard Soot, Rasmus Kangro-Pool sen, Peet Vallak, Betti Alver, Leida Kibuvits, Rudolf Sirge, Richard Roht, Paul Viiding ja August Sang.
Abdoh's actors "Iom Fitzpatrick and Ken Roht introduced Zalewski to stage director Jon Lawrence Rivera, whose theatre, Playwrights Arena, still specializes in new works by local playwrights.
(240.) See Gropengiesser & Meissner, supra note 121, at 192-94; Roht, supra note 15, at 81; see also Ohlin, supra note 36, at 198-99.
And in an information-packed back-of-the-book, a pair of creative teams (Craig Lucas and Bartlett Sher, and Kevin Kline and James Lapine) talk candidly about the joys and vagaries of collaboration; outsider artists Lee Nagrin and Ken Roht get a rare spotlight; critic Elinor Fuchs burrows deep into German theatre; and author Jeremy Gerard puts Wynn Handman and his influential American Place Theatre in historical context.
When Ken Roht was nine years old, he listened to opera on the radio as he drifted off to sleep in his quiet southern California suburb.
All are housed inside the Spiegeltent, with Ken Roht of Orphean Circus as maestro of ceremonies.
Walking away with $45,000 each are Melanie Joseph, producing artistic director of the Foundry Theatre; Karen Kandel, performer and artistic associate of Mabou Mines; actor, composer, director, playwright and Cornerstone Theater Company member Shishir Kurup; choreographer, director and producer Ken Roht; actor and producer Sean San Jose; and Chicago-based experimental theatre group The Neo-Futurists.