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ROIReturn on Investment
ROIRegion of Interest
ROIRepublic Of Ireland
ROIReturn of Investment
ROIRelease of Information (hospitals/patients)
ROIRate of Interest
ROIRèglement d'Ordre Intérieur (French: Internal Policy and Procedures; Belgium)
ROIRDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) Over Internet
ROIReport Of Investigation
ROIReactive Oxygen Intermediate
ROIRegistration of Interest
ROIRoyal Institute of Oil Painters (UK)
ROIRadius Of Influence
ROIRAM Optical Instrumentation
ROIRules of Interaction (gaming)
ROIRock of Israel
ROIRisk of Incarceration
ROIRecord of Invention
ROIReturn on Integrity (finance)
ROIRealm of Influence (band)
ROIReport On Investigation
ROIRural Ontario Institute (Canada)
ROIRemote Operator Interface
ROIRealm of Insanity (gaming clan)
ROIRead Only Information
ROIReplacement of Obsolete Items
ROIRovaniemi, Finland - Rovaniemi (Airport Code)
ROIRadiological Operating Instructions
ROIRange Operating Instruction
ROIRoute of Ingress
ROIRhythm Optimized Integration
ROIResidue of Ignition
ROIReport on Industry
ROIRing of Illusion (gaming tournament)
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In Section 2, the several main ROI coding methods for the medical image are reviewed.
If a value can be assigned to a transaction, then this can be used as part of the ROI equation.
ROI benefit: Active visibility permits faster decision-making, which results in quicker execution of revenue-generating decisions or cost-cutting decisions -- both impacting profitability.
Now that some of the perceptions of training have been established, we can demonstrate two ways of measuring training's ROI.
Measuring ROI in a Career Development Initiative: A Global Computer Company (Holly Burkett).
How can public relations demonstrate a positive ROI when management and even colleagues lack interest and expertise to support it?
The bottom line is that ROI should definitely be considered as part of every project--from the eyes of senior management, purchasing, legal and therefore IT.
Being able to attach solid numbers to demonstrate ROI makes the critical difference in ensuring that CI remains a vital part of all healthy business' tool sets.
These changes are transforming the ROI industry and the ability to link these two parties for a true end-to-end electronic release process is the future of our business.
introduced today an on-line ROI Calculator to help users of automated identification equipment determine the return on investment for package label and sortation systems.
The strategy ROI is implementing is incredibly efficient", stated Demetrio Cuzzocrea, web-marketing consultant to Rhino Outdoor International.