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ROICReturn On Invested Capital
ROICReadout Integrated Circuit
ROICReturn On Investment Capital
ROICRegional Operations Intelligence Center
ROICResident Officer In Charge
ROICRegional Office Implementation Committee
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Manufacturing Process Flow - Global Overview - ROIC Process Flow - Description of the ROIC Wafer Fabrication Unit - Pyroelectric Ceramic Process Flow - Pyroelectric Array Process Flow - Packaging
ROIC would help to prevent a tragedy like the space shuttle Columbia disaster of 2003.
This reflects our on-going process of optimizing our portfolio based on our stringent ROIC guidelines.
The end-result is often lower utilization and ROIC for EMS companies.
The reconciliation of ROIC can be found on page 5 of the attached tables, along with additional information regarding the use of this non-GAAP measure.
ROIC is calculated by dividing the company's after-tax net operating profits by the sum of working capital and fixed assets.
Segment operating performance continued to reflect the benefits of restructuring actions, better yields on new products, and higher volumes, achieving a 20 percent ROIC.
ROIC measures the "cash-on-cash" returns on business investments, showing
An enabling technology in the development of the H4RG-15 is the ability to fabricate and reliably yield the 63 mm x 63 mm stitched CMOS ROIC using ON Semiconductor's proprietary 180 nanometer process technology.