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ROICReturn On Invested Capital
ROICReadout Integrated Circuit
ROICReturn On Investment Capital
ROICRetail Opportunity Investments Corporation
ROICRegional Operations Intelligence Center
ROICResident Officer In Charge
ROICRegional Office Implementation Committee
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At March 31, 2018, ROIC had a total market capitalization of approximately $3.7 billion with approximately $1.5 billion of principal debt outstanding, equating to a 40.8% debt-to-total market capitalization ratio.
The research framework sees ERM framework as an independent variable whose implementation will have an impact on the firm NOPAT, WACC and ROIC the dependent variables.
The analysis required data about ROIC and TAG of publicly listed companies in various sectors for five years: 2009 to 2013, and for four countries.
The research showed that stocks exhibiting the highest combined degree of improvement in ROIC and activist share ownership outperformed the broad market by a wide margin.
Benes: Yes, it goes without saying that realistic ROE or ROIC goals need to be carefully incorporated into long-term management plans and the overall strategy.
In 2017, JBT expects the acquisition to contribute $0.20 - $0.25 per share and deliver double digit cash return on invested capital (ROIC), as the Company deploys its JBT Excellence Model (JEM) initiatives.
The Iata said a significant milestone has been achieved with an expected return on invested capital, or ROIC, of 7.5 per cent.
Economic profit, consisting of net operating profit after tax (or return on invested capital, ROIC) minus a charge for capital, is an enhanced and more effective value-creation performance measure because it takes into account the amount of invested capital as part of measuring overall value creation.
The return on invested capital (ROIC) is expected to grow to seven percent.
The CTEs for indium as functions of temperature, implemented in the model, are given in Figure 1(b); InSb chip and Si ROIC are all considered to be linear elastic materials; the temperature dependence of CTEs for Si and InSb is also shown in Figure 1(b) [22, 23].
The study showed that over the past 40 years virtually all industries have generated higher returns on invested capital (ROIC) than the airline industry.