ROIIReturn on Incremental Investment (economics)
ROIIReturn on Industrial Insurance (various locations)
ROIIReturn on Internet Investment
ROIIRequisite Organization International Institute (Baltimore, MD)
ROIIReturn on Innovation Investment (financial reward measurement)
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Contrary to prediction, there was no significant group difference on the ROII Total Score indicating chat highly religious students did not report more obsessional intrusive thoughts than the low religious group (t (77) = 027, ns).
Having the ability to evaluate promotions on a store-by-store basis makes it possible for retailers and their suppliers to focus resources on locations delivering the greatest ROII, and to identify underperforming stores so remedial action can be taken.
ROII has typically increased 3% to 6%, among other productivity gains.
Polk is satisfied with the company's current emphasis on GM/HBA and points out that expanded non-foods tends to go well beyond the point of diminishing returns in ROII and faces lower turnover rates.
The research, conducted in 180 supermarkets, works from 17 measurements, ranging from linear and square footage through sales, gross profit and into inventory investment, turnover and ROII.
The results to be expected from our proposed strategy include: an almost $3,600 reduction in average inventory cost (67% improvement); a resulting fivefold increase in DPP ROII (a stockholder's dream) to 1.
He says the department enjoys a better than average ROII compared to many other non-foods sections, thanks to good movement and turnover plus high margins.
But then the bean counters come down and tell you what your ROII should be, and you know you can be looking at some trade-offs between keeping low inventories and high enough service levels to prevent stockouts.
It's tough to make a statement with large footage and still maintain a good ROII," he said.
The conventional ROII formula (annual gross margin divided by inventory at cost) does not represent the category fairly, either, nor does the ROII formula based on net profit (annual net profit divided by inventory at cost).
The Company's wholly owned subsidiary, eLinear Corporation, is a full-service Internet consulting firm focused on developing business-to-business e-commerce solutions that maximize "Return on Internet Investment," or ROII.
Brought down to cost ($40,290) and divided into annual margin --the conventional method--HBA's ROII of $2.