ROIIReturn on Incremental Investment (economics)
ROIIReturn on Industrial Insurance (various locations)
ROIIReturn on Internet Investment
ROIIRequisite Organization International Institute (Baltimore, MD)
ROIIReturn on Innovation Investment (financial reward measurement)
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To the best of our knowledge, few studies have considered integrating ROII optimization in a joint pricing and lot-sizing problem in a fuzzy environment.
Los procedimientos utilizados con mas frecuencia por los participantes para el manejo de sus pensamientos intrusos (ROII), antes de formar parte de este estudio, son: restructuracion cognitiva (2,90), distraccion conductual (2,72), autotranquilizacion (2,52) y distraccion cognitiva (2,40).
However the ROII assessed a broad range of obsessional intrusive thoughts about dirt, contamination, doubt, harm and injury of others, and the like.
"Having the ability to evaluate promotions on a store-by-store basis makes it possible for retailers and their suppliers to focus resources on locations delivering the greatest ROII, and to identify underperforming stores so remedial action can be taken."
(47) I pray yow brynge wyth yow a the rekenyng that I am indettyd to you (ROII 95: 369)
Meridian's recommendations are based on work begun a year and a half ago, when the consulting company and the two retailers started looking at the volume and profits generated by their fresh meat cases, as well as the productivity (such as ROII, profit or sales per foot, or return on net assets) of each species, segment and cut.
Fact-based strategies include cleaning up clutter and enhancing retailer return on inventory investment (ROII).
The BIAW's Return on Industrial Insurance (ROII) program pools member's workers' compensation premiums for one calendar year and then refunds the remainder if there are more premiums than claims.
"When you take a look at key measures of profitability - margins, turns and ROII - aggravated really returns less than mild products do today," says Bradicy.
For purposes of its GMDC research, Meridian Consulting narrows the aim somewhat to concentrate on the process of cutting back on product assortment for improved turnover and ROII and reduced investment, rather than delving into category management per se (although using many of its principles) or expounding on the well-worn pathways of space management.
The test will also give them a measure of their return on inventory investment (ROII).