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ROJRoyal Order of Jesters (fraternal organization)
ROJReturn of the Jedi
ROJRequired on Job
ROJRetired on the Job
ROJRemove Outer Jacket
ROJReform of the Judiciary (UN Development Programme; various locations)
ROJRemote Objects for Java (computer programming)
ROJRetinal Optic Nerve Junction (neurocytology)
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In the absence of any news, Roj News has published an article about his disappearance, reporting that he was heading for the Soran region, in the northeast of Iraqi Kurdistan, at the time of his arrest.
Roj has served in various roles including assistant Monroe County executive, deputy director of Monroe County Environmental Services and deputy county clerk.
Both genders allocated the highest median AC scores to severe anterior OB and severe ROJ, which are represented by photos F and B.
On a rare visit to the largest of these camps, known as Roj, Kurdish officials allowed us to interview Arab women held there but refused to let us interview or photograph Western women for fear it would complicate negotiations with their governments about their return home.
Images of two men police want to speak to after the stabbing at Roj Roj Fish and Chips
Terry described his interplanetary rebels as "Robin Hood in space" and Blake's 7 continued even after the departure of Welsh actor Gareth Thomas, who played Roj.
Zrodlo is never mentioned in the few studies of "Roj" Publishing, nor in the monographs on Polish Modernism, nor in publishers' memoirs.
The YPG and Roj Pesh sometimes seem to be chess pieces in a game to block unity and expansion.
Best known for his role as Roj Blake in the cult sci-fi series, Thomas, from Aberystwyth, also appeared in some of the greatest stage dramas, including King Lear, Equus and The Crucible.
ROJ: STS 452/1997--ECLI:ES:TS: 1997:452 (Tribunal Supremo, Sala de lo Civil, Madrid, Seccion 1, No.