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ROKRepublic Of Korea
ROKRockwell Automation (Milwaukee, WI)
ROKRockhampton (Queensland, Australia)
ROKRise of Kunark (gaming; EverQuest)
ROKRepublic of Kazakhstan
ROKReseller Option Kit (software)
ROKRussisch-Orthodoxe-Kirche (German: Russian Orthodox Church)
ROKRiders of Kawasaki (motorcycle club)
ROKReturn on Knowledge (people investment)
ROKRuins Of Kunark
ROKRealms of Kaos (game)
ROKRoben Og Knud (Danish band)
ROKRepublic of Kharras (Star Wars Galaxies organization)
ROKRegression Optimization for Kinetics
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President Piera said that he is well aware of the economic growth the ROK has achieved, and expressed respect for the people of the ROK.
and ROK leaders and staff sections from across the peninsula, from within the U.
Runner-up was Jacob Ang of Eagle Cement, who has dramatically improved over the course of the race, was awarded the Petron ROK Clubman of the Year.
In the special session of the forum, the ROK side will announce a roadmap for cooperation with Central Asia designed to implement its Eurasia Initiative and strengthen its diplomacy with Central Asia.
The company began as a global mobile phone and technology company and following listings on stock markets in the US, Germany and Denmark ROK has been diversifying in a big way.
The statement came after the ROK announced a southward expansion of the KADIZ, encompassing submerged rocks within the overlapping exclusive economic zones (EEZ) of the ROK and China on Sunday.
The move reflects ROK Globala[euro](tm)s goal to offer classical radio to the next generation of listeners, its chairman Jonathan Kendrick said in a comment.
The ROK was the third country after Japan and Australia that had such talks with the United States.
This event marked the first of several joint ventures planned between ROK Navy and U.
When the mission was complete, ROK engineers had emplaced 41 interior bays across the Nam Han River.
He said: "A lot of people were no doubt surprised when Rok went into administration, though I'm sure some of our competitors wouldn't have been overly surprised.
When Rok failed, Barton had a significant debt due to it from Rok and ongoing works for Rok and potential future work for Rok - which left Barton with a major hole in its order books.