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The company also will provide operation maintenance training to DSME employees and ROKN personnel.
The FODMS was selected by the ROKN to distribute navigation sensor data to Aegis and non-Aegis weapons systems, communication systems, machine control and steering control systems, and navigation displays without the need to rewrite software or redesign hardware.
The ROKN needs to strengthen its readiness to respond to such North Korean missile and submarine threats, and must seek a way to secure strategic credibility for its deterrence posture.
The only feasible option appears to be for the ROKN to improve its submarine forces, placing greater reliance on subsurface forces to provide strategic deterrence.
PEGASO technology will give the new boats of the ROKN an important operational advantage in threats identification.
Through our work with the Korean Navy, Korean Air and L-3 Mission Integration, we look forward to continuing our long legacy of helping ROKN P-3 pilots achieve their missions with these important upgrades.
The Rockwell Collins Flight2 avionics system will provide the ROKN aircraft with greater situational awareness by meeting Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) airspace requirements.
Military-to-military exchanges developed rapidly in those years, as a part of the new international exchanges that arose in the post-Cold War era, so the establishment of a close relationship with the ROKN had become a serious and urgent issue for the JMSDE For all these reasons, I, as an official responsible for JMSDF policy in MSO, proposed to meet with my counterpart in the ROKN as a preliminary measure.
Still, the history of this official relationship between the JMSDF and the ROKN is very short--only about ten years--when one considers the geographical proximity between the two nations; true mutual understanding has yet to mature.
Thales Country Director South Korea, Jean Pellegrin, said : 'The ROKN has committed to having the most advanced minesweeping technology, which is also in service with the Royal Australian Navy, the United States Navy, and two other navies.
The ROKN intends to use the upgraded P-3A/B aircraft to patrol its exclusive economic zone, including anti-submarine, anti-surface, and search/rescue missions.
According to Ross, Lockheed Martin won over Thales in part because the ROKN liked the fact that the Aegis system had already been selected by allied countries, and because several Korean manufacturers, including Samsung (Seoul, ROK), will be involved in producing elements of the system.