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ROLAPRelational On-Line Analytical Processing
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In-memory ROLAP takes advantage of the large addressable memory now available on 64-bit Unix, Linux, and Windows computer servers, and provides a performance-optimized middle-tier database that can respond directly to data requests from reports, dashboards, and OLAP analyses.
The company is already being passed by larger, faster growing and younger ROLAP rival, MicroStrategy.
Working with MicroStrategy through its ETL Integration Program, we're able to deliver pre-aggregated ROLAP data directly from the source -- whether this is a flat file, relational table, or even a message queue -- to the data warehouse in a format that DSS Agent can instantly understand," said Nic Birtles, CEO of Constellar.
Recruiting both Andy and Tom to MineShare is indicative of the potential of our ROLAP solution.
The Advisor Series consists of three modules: the Budget Advisor(TM); the premiere analytic application for budgeting, planning and forecasting; the Payroll Planner(TM), for individual employee-level payroll budgeting and forecasting; and the Information Advisor(TM), a powerful ROLAP tool for multi-source consolidations and performance reporting.
Integration with MetaCube adds to PaBLO's unique ability to provide a consistent end-user interface while allowing user and IS organizations to choose from a range of OLAP sources such as proprietary MDBMSs, ROLAP engines or local data sources called HyperCubes.
SRC Software develops, markets and supports the Advisor Series, a suite of decision support products consisting of the Budget Advisor(TM) for detailed budgeting, the Payroll Planner(TM) for employee-level payroll budgeting, and the Information Advisor(TM) for ROLAP consolidation and reporting.
Another example is a Web-based enterprise performance management dashboard that accesses MDB financial data from Essbase; supply chain data from Microsoft OLAP Services; ROLAP data for bookings, billings, and backlog data; and RDB demographic attribute data.
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WindSoft will also incorporate Great Elk's Panorama(R), a powerful ROLAP data a to analyze third party data and trends as well selected WindSoft as the single point of accountability for supporting the system.