ROLDARomanian League in Defense of Animals (Romania)
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Gomez said Rolda was number one on the Albay police drug watchlist and was among the illegal drug pushers that voluntarily surrendered under the Philippine National Police's Oplan Tokhang.
Police records indicate that Rolda was also facing criminal charges for trying to kill his former girlfriend Myra Enaje with a caliber .45 gun in front of a resto bar in Magsaysay Avenue in Naga City, Camarines Sur on March 2015.
The algorithm introduces the idea of LFDA into ROLDA, preserving local structure information of samples and calculating the regular parameter automatically.
The rest of the paper is organized as follows: Section 2 reviews LDA, LFDA and ROLDA. Our ROLFDA is introduced in Section 3.
On the base of RLDA [7], the objective function of ROLDA is as follows:
ROLDA makes the analysis of the relationship between OLDA and RLDA.
As above analyses, on the base of ROLDA, the idea of local preserving in LFDA is introduced.
RLDA and ROLDA are compared with ROLFDA and the Nearest Neighbor Classifier is adopted in order to verify the performance of our algorithm.
(2) ROLFDA is superior to RLDA and ROLDA in AR and YaleB with nonlinear structures, which is illustrated by that ROLFDA infuses efficiently the characteristics of preserving local structure in LFDA while RLDA and ROLDA fail to capture local structures.
1) As experiments on YaleB show, the most recognition accuracy rate of ROLFDA is respectively higher than that of RLDA and ROLDA when T is set to 10.