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In 1908 a "Moscow Circle of Amateurs of Astronomy" was founded, followed one year later by the Russian Society of Amateurs of Mirovedenie, or ROLM, in St.
In a move that broadens Lucent's multivendor approach for business systems, the Lucent Mobility Server now integrates the DEFINITY wireless business system with switches from companies such as Ericsson, Nortet Networks, Hitachi, Siemens, Rolm, and Panasonic.
Yacura held executive positions with IBM, Pacific Bell Telephone, and Rolm Corp.
As an employee for Rolm PBX in Irvine, California, she worked her way up from receptionist to the service department, where she planned company events ranging from small luncheons to parties and baby showers.
The network delivers data, voice and video while integrating Siemen's Rolm CBXs, PhoneMail automatic call distribution, ComManager PC-telephony software and call accounting software.
(1996), "Siemens Rolm models re-engineering done right: on track to a comeback", Personnel Journal, February, pp.
Bahrami (1992) describes some of the features of emerging flexible organization based on field studies on 37 high-technology firms in California's Silicon Valley including ABB, Apple and ROLM. He describes the building blocks of flexible organizational designs as multi-polar organizations, dualistic systems, front-line organizations, cosmopolitan mind set, capability-based organizations, multi-talent employees and semi-permeable boundaries.
Rolm encourages businesses to sit down face-to-face with a potential carrier to see how a bill can be formatted.
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The Model 4100 Small Disk Subsystem, manufactured by Loral Rolm Computer Systems (San Jose, CA), is representative of the conventional 3.5-in.