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ROLMRandomized on Line Matching
ROLMRicheson Oshman Loewenstern Maxfield (founders of ROLM Corporation, computer & telecommunications company)
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A team of mechanical, electrical, human factors, and safety engineers were charged with determining the requirements for the ROLM cart and subsequently with designing a system that could meet these requirements.
Robert Maxfield was a co-founder of ROLM Corporation, a computer and telecommunications manufacturer, in 1969 and served as Executive Vice President, member of the Top Management Team and a member of the Board of Directors until ROLM's merger with IBM in 1984.
Under the current agreement Norstan managed the acquisition, marketing, refurbishment and resale of Siemens certified used telephony equipment, becoming the largest supplier of Siemens and ROLM refurbished equipment.
In fiscal 1988, Norstan established its first used equipment business unit targeting the secondary market, Previously Owned Equipment, selling used ROLM products.
Previously, he held senior executive positions as president and chief executive officer of ROLM Company and as vice president, marketing and service, of IBM.
He previously held marketing and sales management positions with ROLM and Burroughs.
The MFST was established to provide over-the-shoulder, one-on-one global feet support in ROLMS hardware and software installation, account establishment, operator proficiency training, and ordnance inventory reconciliation.
Since conception, the MFST has assisted in four ROLMS base line configuration upgrades in support of 1,433 ROLMS reporters.
If used correctly, ROLMS tracks expiration dates and Notices of Ammunition Reclassification (NARs).
For more information on sonobuoys and ROLMS management, visit the sonobuoy website at http://sonobuoy.