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ROLMRicheson Oshman Loewenstern Maxfield (founders of ROLM Corporation, computer & telecommunications company)
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Robert Maxfield was a co-founder of ROLM Corporation, a computer and telecommunications manufacturer, in 1969 and served as Executive Vice President, member of the Top Management Team and a member of the Board of Directors until ROLM's merger with IBM in 1984.
Telecommunications is a growing industry and ROLM Company products are top quality.
In July, Norstan, the country's largest independent distributor of ROLM products, extended its distribution agreement with ROLM.
This contribution from Norstan and ROLM is our way of saying thanks to the companies and individuals who have helped Norstan prosper in Iowa.
In fiscal 1988, Norstan established its first used equipment business unit targeting the secondary market, Previously Owned Equipment, selling used ROLM products.
Since March, Apple and Siemens and ROLM have been collaborating on the development of NotePhone, a combination of Siemens-ROLM telephony and Newton technology that will provide access to telephone and fax features.
Stein, president and CEO of Netrix Corporation, said, "The agreement between ROLM and Netrix combines the companies' respective expertise in voice and data networking.
Norstan has approximately 1,500 employees and as a ROLM distributor, serves all or parts of 18 states and Canada.
Astrin held technical and management positions with Resound, IBM, ROLM, Memorex and Citicorp.
NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) and Siemens Private Communication Systems Group today announced their plans to combine certain Apple technologies with Siemens and ROLM telephony capabilities.
She has extensive management experience with successful and innovative telephony companies, including ROLM, Octel Communications, and Latitude.
The acquisition is important to Norstan Canada because it is now the sole distributor of Siemens and ROLM PBX equipment in Canada.