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ROLTRe-Order Lead Time
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On 25 April, Christopher James Geraghty, 20, Charles Henry Jenkins, 22, and Terence Peter Rolt, 17, sat outside the jewellers at 91 Queensway in a stolen car and waited for a quiet moment to strike.
Bryen Atklin (2), Jack Hunter, Tom Rolt and Ryan Prauschke were on target for Plough.
In a statement after the meeting, ThamesWey chief executive Mark Rolt said: "We're looking forward to getting started on making the vision for Canalside come to life.
On Thursday, before the takeover had been confirmed, I spoke to the Vikings' head of commercial Dave Rolt. A born and bred Widnesian, he's been one of the leading lights of the fundraising effort and spoke with passion about the situation.
In 1939, Lionel Thomas Rolt and his wife Angela embarked upon Britain's Oxford Canal determined to fashion a mode of living embracing the much more simplified engineering and physical labor of the country's nearly defunct canal system.
Special prizes were won by Ken MacLeod, CK Krishnan, Thomas Rolt and Howard Menand.
The society meets regularly in the Tom Rolt Conference Centre at the waterways museum on the third Tuesday of the month, except July and August, with the doors opening at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.
Rolt, sought to prevent the railway's closure and scrapping and, thanks to the generosity of Lady Haydn Jones, the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society (TRPS) (the first such organisation in the world was allowed to take over the running of the line.
Third row: Anne Hawksby, Gillian Williams, Margaret Whitehouse, Ann Cowley, Alice McCarthy, Pat Laws, Linda Newbold, Dorothy Roper, Linda Bee, Judith Barnett, Joan Rolt and Christine Irving.
There were ten ghost stories that everyone said were inspired by M R James but in fact we preferred H R Wakefield, Andrew Caldecott, A N L Munby, L T C Rolt and E F Benson.
Built and designed by Adrian Rolt and G-Force, the leading skatepark designers of the period, the Rom follows the Bro Bowl in Tampa, Florida, in achieving listed status.