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Those practices were then ranked using the Repertoire of Literacy Teaching Practices (ROLTP) (Louden, Rohl, Barratt-Pugh, Brown, Cairney, Elderfield, House, Meiers, Rivalland, & Rowe, 2005).
These practices, observed in two tutoring sessions, were appraised using the Classroom Literacy Observation Schedule (CLOS) (Louden & Rohl, 2003) and the Repertoire of Literacy Teaching Practices (ROLTP) (Louden et al, 2005) to determine the range of teaching practices employed by the tutors.
According to the authors of these constructs, more-effective teachers have more teaching practices in their repertoires, in particular more of the literacy teaching practices that ranked higher on the ROLTP measure, whereas those teachers considered less-effective have fewer literacy teaching practices in their repertoires and these are likely to be ranked low on the ROLTP measure.