ROM1Rod Outer Segment Membrane Protein 1
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Berson, "Dominant and digenic mutations in the peripherin/RDS and ROM1 genes in retinitis pigmentosa," Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, vol.
Paul received the grace of apostleship precisely "to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of his [Jesus's] name among all the nations" (Rom1:5).
A OANC [H.sub.2]O 4.50% ORL0 B 3.70% ORL0 C 3.50% ORL1 D LRNC VOC 7.00% ROL1 E 7.00% ROL1 F 4.25% ROM0 G 6.00% ROL0 H 2.90% ORL0 I OAWS VOC 19.50% ORH1 J [H.sub.2]O 7.00% ORH1 K 20.0% ORH1 L 22.4% ORH1 M 19.5% ORH1 N HRNC VOC 15.0% ROM1 O 15.0% ORL1 P LVRE >50% [H.sub.2]O 6.20% ORL0 Q >50% VOC 2.40% ROL0 Table 4.
As can be seen from Figures 10, 12, and 13, the time histories of [C.sub.l] and [C.sub.m] obtained via the ROM2s identified by using the time-dependent surrogate approach agree well with those of ROM1s identified by using the direct CFD simulation data.
In the present case, the aeroelastic responses of the airfoil predicted via the ROM2s and ROM1s are compared under two flight conditions.