ROMADRecon Observe Mark and Destroy (military; later meaning)
ROMADRadio-Operator-Maintainer & Driver (military; original meaning)
ROMADReturn on Maximum Drawdown (portfolio management)
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Birmingham Crown Court heard that Hay, 29, of Station Road, Balsall Common, had previously been in a relationship with Mr Romad's wife, Tracy Nicholls.
Iain Willis, prosecuting, told the court that Mrs Nicholls had been married to Mr Romad for six months.
When Mr Romad arrived, Hay emerged from the car wielding an object which looked like a baseball bat.
Mr Willis said, in fear, Mr Romad fled to nearby flats but struggled to open a door with his key fob.
"As a ROMAD, I have to know each radio's capability and be able to program the frequencies to effectively communicate between the aircraft and the combat commander on the ground," said Senior Airman Jayson McCoy, a TACP with the 11th ASOS.