ROMADRecon Observe Mark and Destroy (military; later meaning)
ROMADRadio-Operator-Maintainer & Driver (military; original meaning)
ROMADReturn on Maximum Drawdown (portfolio management)
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The two-man team comprises one joint terminal attack controller, or JTAC, and one radio operator maintainer and driver, or ROMAD.
While the role of Airmen controlling the skies from the ground dates as far back as World War II, today's ROMAD uses satellite and digital communications to make that job quicker and greatly reduce the chances of fratricide, or "friendly fire.
As a ROMAD, I have to know each radio's capability and be able to program the frequencies to effectively communicate between the aircraft and the combat commander on the ground," said Senior Airman Jayson McCoy, a TACP with the 11th ASOS.