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ROMEXReuters Order Management for Exchange (business software tool)
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An example would be an older warehouse that has knob and tube wiring; local building code now requires the building's owner to rewire with Romex (circuit breakers).
and Romanian soldiers for one month of training during Exercise ROMEX '05.
The vehicles were participating in ROMEX '05, the first joint U.S.
If mounted inside, the service can be romex or conduit routed directly from the electrical panel to the box.
for Engel, Dri-Air, Thermal Care, Autoload, LaRos, Romex, Size Reduction Specialists)
One insulated material was going for about 60 cents and Romex in the high 30s to 40 cents.
* Using a piece of Romex (residential wiring), show how a car seat or the human spine behaves when bent or twisted.
Romex Security Link, which operates the central monitoring station, would charge Aluma-Systems about $60 each time a security officer was dispatched to the property.
For the wiring of my router table, I needed two electrical boxes, a duplex outlet, a fight switch, some 12/3 romex wire, and an old extension cord.
What building product is often referred to by its brand name, "Romex"?
For more than 15 years, NAA/NMHC have advocated widespread use of non-metallic sheathed cable (NM cable; also referred to as Romex) without consideration of building height.
The romex entering the box can be sealed with caulk and the box insulated and sealed to the vapor barrier with "acoustic sealant" and the red tape that is made for vapor barriers.