ROMIReturn on Marketing Investment
ROMIRule Out Myocardial Infarction
ROMIRating of Medication Influences
ROMIRekey Operator-Machine Interface
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But because you've already modeled the ROMI of your lead generation programs, you now actually have the all the tools you need to estimate the impact (albeit with some subjectivity) of your advertising activities.
As in the previous version of ROMI, the cutting modes are located at the top left part of the main user interface, while the combined rip-and-chop option is a new feature of ROMI 4.
Collecting real time, versus static, data with intelligent analysis and executing on the fly initiatives and iterative competitive changes in site content and usability, merchandising promotions, creative design and media applications, organic and paid rankings, unique customer messaging, active customer engagement and behaviorally influencing the purchase decision process to optimize results for ROMI.
Measuring your ROMI also is valuable in a nonquantitative respect because it helps you gauge, conceptually, what works and what does not.
By focusing on ROMI, managers can not only empirically measure the marketing effectiveness of their assets, but can also compare the pay-offs from competing alternatives and make more informed decisions.
For example, if ABC Telco implements a marketing program that costs $100,000 and generates $500,000 in new revenue, then the ROMI for that marketing program is 5.
The Mix-Master program (Thomas 1999a), which also comes with the ROMI simulation software, was used to create two more board files containing the same boards in a different random order.
The ROMI Centur CNC 30 G is a bar machine with hydraulic collet chuck and automatic parts unloading.
59" and the machines' control is the Fanuc 21i MB ROMI Machine Tools Inc.
The G30 heavy duty turret lathe from ROMI Machine Tools, Erlanger, KY, is designed for high-production environment.
In the words of Andre Luis Romi, a member of the third generation of Romis who now run the company, "exporting machines is in our blood.