ROMISReal-Time Outfitting Management Information System (US Navy)
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He quoted Ahmed Khani's lines, which he had penned in Kurmanji Kurdish, to explain why: "So that people might not say the Kurds have no origin, knowledge and base / Various nations have their own books / With the sole exception of Kurds." (47) Kurdish nationalists trying to prove the individuality of Kurds could find validation in Khani's treatment of Kurds as a distinct community vis-a-vis Arabs, Persians, Romis (Ottoman Turks), and Georgians.
(16.) As Michael Chyet indicates, Rom or Romi is the Kurdish version of "Rum," a term that the Muslims in Anatolia used for the Greeks of the Byzantine Empire.
In order to bridge the gap between them, there are some important questions that need to be answered, such as whether clustering raises employment for the poor, reduces vulnerability and risk for firms and labor, promotes compliance with labor, social, environmental standards and CSR, and whether cluster upgrading has positive outcomes for the poor (Romis, 2008).
But see Locke & Romis, supra note 135, at 61 ("It is time to move beyond merely focusing on codes of conduct and monitoring-so that we can tackle the root causes of poor working conditions in many developing countries.").
LOCKE, Richard, KOCHAN, Thomas, ROMIS, Monica, QIN, Fei (2007).
Boston University, via the Center, has created ROMIS, a Recovery-Oriented Management Information System designed to assess intake, process, and outcome measurements in mental health services.
also the entry on the Neapolitan marble calendar for 22 April: P(assio) S (ancti) Gai P(a)p(e) Romis.
Romis Ali of Sindh Tenpin Bowling Association supervised the event.
He particularly mentioned services rendered by Khawaja Masood and Khawaja Jalal uddin Romis family for uplift of the health facility and termed them blessing for the poor people of South Punjab.
Secretary General of PTBF Ijaz-ur-Rehman, Vice President Aleem Agha, Joint Secretary Romis Ali were also present on the occasion.
"A handsome purse of Rs 350,000 will be at the offer in the championship," Secretary STBA Romis Ali said.
Family-held Industrias Romi, Brazil's largest machine-tool builder, long ago took to heart the imperative to export.