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ROMPSRobotic Materials Processing System
ROMPSRetention Office Manager Productivity System
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Using infrared satellite data gathered from 1983 to 2006, Romps and Kuang analyzed towering cloud tops associated with thousands of tropical cyclones, many of them near the Philippines, Mexico, and Central America.
The unfaithful Caitlin also romps with dozens of men in the movie.
Yesterday's romp has sealed BB5's status as the raunchiest series yet.
Romps has been in custody since his arrest Monday, said Deputy District Attorney Robert E.
The fresh tales tell of the catwalk queen's alleged romps with blonde Davinia and 41-year-old Sadie.
The Conqueror'' was so haunted by tragedy (many of the actors died of cancer, a grim statistic traced by some to the film's being shot near a nuclear test site), it can't even be enjoyed as a camp romp.
The romp, ten days ago, came after Coogan performed a charity gig for cancer kids at the Royal Albert Hall.
Princess Stephanie of Monaco was granted a speedy, face-saving divorce Friday from her commoner husband whose amorous romps with other women were caught on camera.
VICTOR and Michelle have both confessed to having three-in-a-bed romps.
THE hooker who told of TV presenter Jamie Theakston's kinky romps in a vice den has been robbed at gunpoint in her flat.
Invariably, it's the woman whose reputation gets trashed, and those romps rarely lead to the altar.
WHITNEY Houston grew so sex-crazed on crack and cocaine that she had lesbian romps, her sister-in-law claimed yesterday.