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RONResearch Octane Number (gasoline)
RONRemain(ing) Overnight
RONRomanian New Leu (Romanian currency)
RONReady or Not
RONRise of Nations (game)
RONRecord of Needs (special education; UK)
RONRepublic of Nauru
RONRemain Over Night (aviation)
RONResearch Octane Number
RONRun of Network
RONRose O'Neill (creator of the Kewpie Doll, early millionaire, and illustrator; circa 1910)
RONAir Nauru (ICAO code)
RONRete Ondametrica Nazionale (Italian: Ondametrica National Network; climate)
RONTotal on Resistance (electronics)
RONReform Ohio Now (election reform group)
RONRidder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau (Dutch: Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau)
RONRe-Open Nominations (voting systems)
RONReturn on Net Worth (finance)
RONResilient Overlay Network
RONReality or Nothing (Dennis Potter's Cold Lazarus)
RONRouting Organization Number
RONReport of Nonconformance
RONRemote Online Network
RONRussian Overlay Network
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Ron recalled over 500 six-inch shells were fired from HMS Glasgow alone.
Last week, Ron had posted a video showing the two rappers performing the opening verse of the song to Najib, who could be seen recording the event on his mobile phone.
It took 60 years to be recognised, but it's very poignant that it was presented to Ron around the time of the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day.
Without fail and, even while away on holiday, Ron's copy would appear midweek followed by the obligatory telephone call, before the advent of emails, to check its safe arrival.
This doesn't include visibility because Ron is consigned to the records room, where he suffers abuse from fellow officers like Andy Landers (Frederick Weller).
Rev Tyndall described Ron, who was a devoted husband to wife Dorothy and father to Peter and Ann, as a courageous man "right to the end", a man with a big heart who loved his family very much.
At the time of Dunkirk he was in Le Havre, France, however the ships left the area without the men and Ron was posted as missing for three weeks.
He said: "Since his passing, the outpouring of love for Ron has been incredible, and goes to show just what a mark he made in our community.
In his address, Mr Cannon also spoke of Ron's practical engineering skills, saying he was brilliant at making his own gadgets.
Ron, from Barassie, Ayrshire, says the 95mph microlight reminds him of the Tiger Moth he trained in in 1942.