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RONAReturn On Net Assets
RONARegional Office for North America (UN Environment Programme)
RONARest of North America (multinational businesses with specific US/Canada markets/divisions)
RONARoll Over No Answer (telecom)
RONARepresentational Operational Net Assessment (DoD)
RONARedirect on No Answer
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Kind hearted' Rona |Roberts and (inset) tributes near the spot where she was hit by a timber lorry
Rona Simmons said, "John Gray's Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus couldn't be more apropos to reading.
The sabotage was discovered last Tuesday when Rona realised the boiler had turned itself off.
The spokeswoman told the BBC: "We welcome the announcement of Rona Fairhead as the preferred candidate for chair of the BBC Trust," she said.
Undergoing chemotherapy Rona, who used to work with children with special needs, has seen her tumour stop growing and is exceeding the medics' expectations and the best case scenario that she'd only live for 12 months.
Rona moved into the house seven years ago with her husband David and her two daughters 11-year-old Grace and Flora, eight, as she was looking for somewhere with more space.
By appointing Rona and Matthew into these roles they bring the skills and experience needed to help the Group achieve this ambitious growth.
I will miss her forever -- my beautiful, smart, talented, funny, brave sister Rona.
When Rona was referred by her GP for another chest scan, doctors found in January that half of a lung had been invaded by cancer and she only had months to live.
Sean Justice (Kevin Sorbo) and his girlfriend Rona (Sunny Doench) regain consciousness and realise that they are buried deep within the earth inside a small wooden box containing just two hours of precious air.
Prince Charles has written to the owners of the farm, Rona and Nevil Amiss, expressing his sympathy following the theft, Rona Amiss said.
The Grease star and elder sister Rona, below, were brought up with vivid memories from their father Brinley, who was born in a pub in the Welsh capital, and where Rona remembers being taken to chapel five times on Sundays.