RONCEReturn on Net Capital Employed (finance)
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Writing is a means of redemption, or at least an earthly palliative, and yet, in works like Blesse, ronce noire (1995) and Le recours au mythe (1998), it is run through with erotic energy.
Give Parks, the Kansas psychiatrist, a minute of your time and he'll take an hour to enthusiastically explain why he has pumped $100,000 into Atech Inc., a company that hasn't made a dime since he and his sons, Grywin and Ronce, founded it in 1998.
There has been much recent interest in the ecological and genetic consequences of frequent colony extinction and recolonization (e.g., McCauley 1993; Hastings and Harrison 1994; Husband and Barrett 1996; Hanski and Gilpin 1997; Ingvarsson 1997; Ronce and Olivieri 1997; Whitlock and Barton 1997), but surprisingly little attention has been focused on the effects of metapopulation dynamics on mating-system evolution (but see Barrett and Pannell 1998).
This may be similar to RONCE wherein the free credit is deducted from total assets, or to ROAM where assets not directly related to running the business, such as investments, are left out.
According to the environmental conditions, the mother plant can alter the resource allocation during the diaspore development affecting the quantity and quality of cypselas produced (Flint and Palmblad, 1978; Baker and O'Dowd, 1982; Rai and Tripathi, 1987; Venable et al., 1987; Aarsen and Burton, 1990; Imbert and Ronce, 2001; Donohue et al., 2008).
Oysters were either transferred directly from the nursery to the laboratory (L1, L2, L5-L7) or transferred temporarily to the field at Ronce-les-Bains (Ronce) in Marennes-Oleron Bay (1[degrees]10'W, 45[degrees]48'N), before testing in the laboratory (L3 and L4).
Il y a un lien profond, une communaute entre Agobar le Renegat, Jean Sbogar, Mulsen ou Han: ils sont des "plus qu'humains" ou apparaissent comme tels aux autres personnages; leur nature strictement humaine est mise en doute: "Energique comme le cri du desespoir, sauvage comme la ronce du desert, sinistre comme la pensee du neant, Agobar est plus qu'un homme," il est "entre le surnaturel et l'humain," ecrit d'Arlincourt dans Le Renegat (1: 38).
Epsilo de la Ronce repeated last year's success in the two-and-a-half-mile hunter's chase under David Mansell when galloping home four lengths too strongly for Line Apple.
Also worth a visit is the small port town of Ronce les Bains with particularly lovely seafood restaurants offering the local favourites of mussels and oysters.
The proverbial affair with the housekeeper, the fear of Constance's possible return, the train trip with Laura to the beach at Ronce are followed by moments of disquietude, jealousy at finding Laura cuddling with another man on the beach, then loss.