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RONIRegulatory Office for Network Industries (Slovakia)
RONIRoads of National Importance (Australia)
RONIReturn On Net Investment
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Roni said he had always wanted to own a "two-faced" car.
We've exchanged many emails and face-timed, but the icing on the cake is that last week, Roni, her husband Bill, my husband Alan and I met up and spent the most magical weekend in Harrogate.
Several new RONI models were scheduled for release around mid-2016, including the RONI with Stabilizer Brace, the RONI Civilian and the Micro RONI and Micro RONI with Stabilizer Brace.
UNHCR Protection officer Rana Ksaifi consols a very upset little Roni.
Roni has received her sensory certification from the judges in Imperial Italy and Australia and conducts continual education of all staff employed at D'Olivo.
Stating that lowering of ticket prices is not to trigger a fare war in the domestic skies, De Roni said, " It is not an offer on lowest price or the cheapest price but to make it affordable and more attractive during the lean period.
Roni began playing in wedding bands and Tel Aviv clubs as a teenager, enraptured by the recordings of Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, Jim Hall and Kenny Burrell.
Rev Roni said: "We have ageing congregations and we need to make the church more relevant and reach out to the 'now' generation.
While we know families love the taste of Rice-A-Roni, mom doesn't always have the 20 minutes that it takes to prepare Roni," says Lesley Butler, senior director of marketing at Quaker Foods North America, based in Chicago.
Roni Cowan has been an agent with Fox Residential for 25 years.
Roni, who spent many years living in London and touring, is looking forward to working with the Osmonds.