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RONINRulings Online Networked Information Node (software)
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Retro Ronin and National Wildlife Federation are exploring opportunities to allow the virtual P-22 to support and build awareness of the #SaveLACougars campaign.
Scott Koller, previously CEO of Wireless Ronin has been named president of the combined company, and John Walpuck, previously chief financial officer of Wireless Ronin has been named chief operating officer and CFO of the combined company.
The aforementioned witch draws a finger across her throat threateningly -- I don't recall if she does an evil cackle, but it wouldn't surprise me -- and there's also a jolly, pudgy ronin among the 47, chuckling like Friar Tuck in the old Robin Hood movies.
Keanu Reeves plays Kai, a former slave who joins the Ronin with half-British and half-Japanese blood.
47 Ronin director Rinsch places much of the emphasis on action-packed skirmishes between swordsmen and hulking, supernatural foes.
Cresa Madison was engaged by Ronin to assist them in identifying and securing a relocation option that could serve as the company's headquarters and enable Ronin to expand their staff while maintaining the unique company culture developed by Ronin's founder, Scott Kohl.
Wireless Ronin Technologies (WRT) has taken a leadership position in integrating the fragmented marketing technologies to maximize consumers' experience and spend.
In the 12-5 semi-final win over holders Old Breconians, Ronin Impact captain John Roqara was sin-binned and Jon Kasami was red-carded by referee Richie Elliott for dangerous tackling.
Ronin Capital LLC is using S-PLUS 7, a de facto industry standard software platform for statistical data analysis and predictive analytics, to perform back tests of equity trading strategies on large stock data sets.
A spokesperson from Ronin Mortgage Corporation commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for us.
The British-registered yacht, the Ronin, had sailed from the Caribbean and was taken to Plymouth for forensic examination.
Rather than the typical mono-colour, right-to-left tickertape, Wireless Ronin designed and developed a one-of-a-kind digital signage solution for the highly trafficked location of the national financial institution.