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Rooj provided a friendly backdrop for the dancers, with the open-top roof letting in a pleasant night breeze to cool down the dancers as things got heated on the dance floor.
Salsa culture is booming in Lebanon and most people at Rooj were passionate about the dance.
82 A Novel Approach Towards Highly Exfoliated Natural Rubber-Clay Cemposites: Preparation and Characterization--Sandip Rooj, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Germany
In fact, this sequence is the only one that happened outside the house, next to the main door (rooj tag), whereas the rest of the souls calling rite unfolded inside the house.
"The sky gate is opening up (rooj ntug qhib); there is a gate (rooj vaj) [to the World of the Above].
Yemeni-American writer and activist, and the co-founder of the Support Yemen media collective, Rooj Alwazir, told the Yemen Times she was not surprised that the government has been monitoring Muslim Americans who have not been charged with any crime.
The Inside Out campaign, organized by Rooj al-Wazir, aimed to break stereotypes about Yemen being a terrorist haven by photographing ordinary Yemenis in a humorous and creative way.
Rooj Alwazir is a writer and photographer based in Sana'a.
Rooj Alwazir is a photographer and writer based in Sana'a
Yemeni-American activist Rooj Al-Wazeer is one of the organizers behind the project.