ROOLRISC OS (Reduced Instruction Set Computer Operating System) Open Limited
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ROOL by Roulette Experts[TM]app is poised to become a top choice for professional roulette players, casino gamers, visual ballistic researchers, dealer signature researchers and everyone in between.
ROOL by Roulette Experts[TM] is designed to put the advantage in the hands of the online roulette gamers, enabling him or her to make more accurate bets at the roulette wheel.
U haff 2 wunder if this l8test poosh 2 thro out speling rools isnt just anuther chapter in the dumming down of the nayshun.
Sally rools her eyes, and the conversation fades out, overlaid by Harry and MArie's discussion of window decorating.
A small producer rools up its sleeves and confronts the free market
Rools - a site run by 26-year-old entrepreneur Adam Hamdy which planned to develop an internet "credit card" for teenagers - hit the jackpot.
The investment coincided with my GCSEs, but Rools wouldn't sign the deal until I had finished.
That magic moment is just one of the affectionate reminiscences included in Vambo Rools OK, a documentary tribute to Alex Harvey broadcast today on BBC Radio Scotland.
It rools on four lawn-mower wheels mounted inside the cart's frame.
Tenders are invited for Gestetner Make Copy Printer Master Rools Model No.