ROP2Binary Raster Operation (computer graphics)
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Primers of ROP2 (1686 bp): Forward 32 bp with Hind III restriction enzyme site: Forward: 5' ATT AAG CTT ATG GAA AAC TGT GCG TCG GTC AG-3
Although all the experimental mice died, the survival time of the mice that immunized with pcGRA7+pcROP2 was markedly longer than those immunized with control groups and pc-GRA7 or ROP2 groups (p<0.05).
After two immunizations with an enhanced cocktail DNA vaccine formulation, all vaccinated mice seroconverted against GRA7, ROP2, and this response increased considerably after last immunization.
In conclusion, our results show that the introduction of two functional genes encoding complete GRA7 and ROP2 as DNA vaccine cocktail elicits stronger Th1 type cellular immune response than single gene vaccines.
The results of this study showed that DNA vaccine contain GRA7 and ROP2 could stimulate the cellular and humoral immunity.
As GRA7 and ROP2 could express in two important stages of Toxoplasma life cycle, we prepared this cocktail vaccine.
Evaluation of the immune response induced by DNA vaccine cocktail expressing complete SAG1 and ROP2 genes against toxoplasmosis.
Poncet et al., "The ROP2 family of Toxoplasma gondii rhoptry proteins: proteomic and genomic characterization and molecular modeling," Proteomics, vol.
Recombinant GRA4 or ROP2 protein combined with alum or the gra4 gene provides partial protection in chronic murine models of toxoplasmosis.