ROPICReadout Processing Integrated Circuit
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Three volumes contain roughly 400 papers arranged according to the following broad themes: advanced engineering materials; surface engineering and coatings; materials forming, machining and joining; laser processing; powder metallurgy and plastic deformation; friction and wear; waste-to-energy, waste management, and waste disposal; CAD/CAE/CAM; product design and development; and other related ropics. A more specific sampling of topics: development of non-ironing fabric of cotton/fractal polyester twisted yarn; performance test specification for passenger car in low temperature; purification of metallurgical grade silicon by stag and acid leaching treatment; and a dynamic dispatching method of resource in cloud computing environment.
``If we can find out more about the genetics of headlice, we might be able to use that information to help people in the ropics, where body lice can carry life threatening diseases such as relapsing fever.''