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ROPOSRemotely Operated Platform for Ocean Science
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Fox News 8 wrote that Deputy Ropos was moved by Gabrielle's story and her incredible show of independence and initially decided to give her an older-model iPad that he had.
Ropos' generosity could not have come at a better time for Gabrielle.
ROPOS delivers a seismometer to its new home in Cascadia Basin.
"Jericho is only a stepping stone, the idea is we help people move on," added Mr Ropos. "It gives them a bit of confidence, self-esteem and every bit of help possible to get a job.
Mr Ropos said the success of the project, helped by BBCCF, had seen its recycling business develop ahead of schedule, with moves into other areas of recycling such as confidential waste, paper and card, aluminium cans, glass and plastic.
The ROV ROPOS is well suited for deepwater demersal fish surveys.
We would like to thank the professional personnel who operated the ROV ROPOS and the NOAA RV Ronald Brown.
If in the Comedy Dante claims for himself the status of being "sesto tra cotanto senno," the sixth among the great poets Homer, Lucian, Ovid, Horace, and Virgil (Infi 4.102), Benivieni not so subtly also claims the same privilege for himself in the "Cantico." At first glance, the exclamation ("Honorate l'altissimo Poeta") might seem directed at Benivieni's character, given that Benivieni introduces these words with a humility ropos in parentheses (lines 55-56).
Using British Geologic Survey rock drills and the Canadian remotely operated vehicle ROPOS (Remotely Operated Platform for Ocean Science), we went back to see if we could find the crust-mantle boundary on the wall of the transform, and to map out the great gabbro massif through which we were attempting to drill.
Thompson; ROPOS submersible group; Bob Embley (expedition chief scientist); Amanda Bates (at-sea help and discussions); Ray Romjue, George Henry, and John Rutherford (vessel design and machining).
These holes have been visited three times since the CORKs were installed, the first time about three weeks after installation with DSV Alvin from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the second about ten months later with ROV ROPOS from the Canadian Institute of Ocean Sciences, and the third again with Alvin, just over two years after installation.