ROPPARéseau des Organisations Paysannes et des Producteurs Agricoles de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (French: Network of Peasant Organizations and Agricultural Producers in West Africa)
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Roppa et al., (2007) encontrou resultados distintos no qual apenas 9,2% nao atinavam nenhuma desvantagem sobre a arborizacao.
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TOP LEFT: The view from Roppa Edge into Bilsdale ABOVE: The track across Rievaulx Moor BELOW: Woodland near Newgate Bank
The world food emergency "is a symptom of larger systemic failures, like the promotion of large-scale agrofuel production and the corporate control of the food system," said Ndougou Fall, president of the West African farmers' organization Roppa.
In 1933, she joined a comedy theater troupe launched by Roppa Furukawa and others in Tokyo's Asakusa district.
COOKING up a great British classic with an Indian twist, Gregg Wallace and chef Roppa Gulati tempt your taste buds.
Many case studies and articles based on equality issues and diversity training-related issues have appeared in journals such as the Review of Public Personnel Management (ROPPA) and Public Personnel Management, but none fit the criteria for inclusion in our meta-analysis.
The IPC is a facilitating network where key international social movements and organisations collaborate around the issue of food sovereignty: these include ROPPA, WFFP, WFF, La Via Campesina, and many movements and NGOs in all regions including small farmers, fisherfolk, Indigenous Peoples, pastoralists, women, youth, agricultural workers trade unions and NGOs.