ROPRReview of Policy Research
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The goal of the RoPR database is to ensure registries are used in the most efficient manner and to encourage collaboration between patients and consumers, health care providers, researchers, research funding organizations, public health organizations, private health plans, employers, public insurance programs, journal editors, and pharmaceutical and device manufacturers.
"Outcome is honored to have been chosen by AHRQ to create the RoPR database, which we are confident will promote collaboration, reduce redundancy and improve transparency related to registries among various healthcare stakeholders."
Although an ROPR comes at added cost, both the basic premium and the cost of the ROPR feature can be reimbursed to beneficiaries by way of the death benefit.
With premium payments of $39,365, John can buy a life insurance policy with a death benefit of $587,187 plus an ROPR with a crediting rate of 6%.
A flat death benefit is selected and the ROPR boosts the death benefit to assure that all expended funds are returned--a common approach with third-party financing to assure that the clients do not erode the death benefit by paying off a loan.