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ROSReactive Oxygen Species
ROSRiddle of Steel (band)
ROSReview of Systems
ROSReturn On Sales
ROSRosman, North Carolina
ROSRun of Site
ROSRites of Spring
ROSRemote Operating System
ROSRobot Open Standard
ROSRun on Schedule
ROSRemote Outputs
ROSReturn on Service
ROSReadout Server
ROSRun on Server
ROSRealtime Operating System
ROSRecord on Silicon
ROSRemote Optimization Service
ROSReplica Optimization Service
ROSRemote Operation Services
ROSRead Only Storage
ROSReadout Subsystem
ROSRight of Survivorship
ROSRegisters of Scotland
ROSResistant Ovary Syndrome
ROSRaggruppamento Operativo Speciale (Italian Carabinieri Special Forces)
ROSRapid Oxidative Stress
ROSRobot Operating System
ROSRod Outer Segment (Ophthalmology)
ROSRegional Open Space (various locations)
ROSRandom Orbital Sander
ROSRate of Spread (wildland fire behavior expressed in chains per hour; 1 chain = 66 feet)
ROSRecord of Service (USMC)
ROSRepublic of Singapore (founded 1965)
ROSRead-Only Storage
ROSRoyal Order of Scotland (Scottish Rite Honorary Order)
ROSReport Of Survey
ROSRun-On Sentence
ROSReview Of System
ROSResidual Oil Saturation
ROSRun Of Schedule
ROSReview of Symptoms (medical)
ROSRun Of Station
ROSRemote Operations Services
ROSRain-on-Snow (meteorological event)
ROSRaces of Stone (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
ROSReport of Sale
ROSReed Organ Society
ROSResident Operating System
ROSRaster Output Scanner
ROSRapport d'Ondes Stationnaires (French)
ROSRequired On-Site (Date)
ROSReturn From Overseas
ROSRefractory Organic Substances
ROSReligious Orders Study
ROSRegion of Support
ROSRosario, Santa Fe, Argentina - Fisherton (Airport Code)
ROSRecruit Office Support (Japan)
ROSRelief On Station (UAVs)
ROSRussian Orbital Segment
ROSResearch Operations Support
ROSRemote Operator Station
ROSRestoration of Service
ROSRamapo Orchid Society (New Jersey)
ROSReviewing Official Statement (performance evaluation)
ROSRecreation Opportunity System (USFS/BLM)
ROSRegistrar of Shipping
ROSResource Object Store
ROSRelease of Shift
ROSRequired on Station
ROSReactor Overflow System
ROSRange Operations Support
ROSRégiment des Opérations Spéciales (French: Special Operations Regiment)
ROSRestaurant Operations Support
ROSRegister of Society
ROSRear Observation System
ROSRetail On-the-Shelf (Amsoil)
ROSRapid Obscuration System
ROSRemotely Operated Shutter
ROSReconstitution Operational State
ROSReport Organization Subsystem
ROSRepresentative Observing Site
ROSReduced Operation/al Status
ROSRe-Order Structure
ROSRamsgate Operatic Society
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The RoS also said that the deregistration order was issued on August 8 as it did not receive a satisfactory explanation after 30 days from January 15.
The cells' reactions were visible as soon as 15 minutes after the ROS molecules were produced, though the cells did not die for another 24 hours.
The DOE teams likewise checked the compliance of the ROs in clearly displaying the one meter by one meter signs which informs the consumers of the implementation date of the additional excise taxes and the petroleum products that are covered.
(2008), the level of CoQ in mitochondria can be used as biological marker; its deficiency reduces activity of mitochondrial respiratory enzymes, low expression of oxidative phosphorylated protein, lower mitochondrial membrane potential, enhances the ROS production, mitochondrial permeabilization, mitophagy of dysfunctional mitochondria, reduced growth rates and cell death (Rodriguez-Hernandez et al., 2009; Cotan et al., 2011; Miguel and Cordero, 2012).
Whereas Justice Mohammad Ghazanfar will preside over Appellate Tribunal for Malakand division and will dispose of appeals against ROs decision for general seats of national and provincial assembly at Mingora Swat.
It is pertinent to mention here that the ECP had issued a notification appointing 13 ROs and 26 AROs for 13 constituencies of National Assembly and 27 ROs and 54 AROs for 27 constituencies of Provincial Assembly for Rawalpindi Division.
According to Election Commission, for the preparation of polling results, ROs will be given information related to form 48 and form 49.
In Punjab, 36 district and sessions judges have been as DROs, while 141 additional district and sessions judges have been appointed as ROs for the National Assembly seats and senior civil judges and civil judges for 297 provincial assembly seats.
For 141 National Assembly seats in Punjab, same numbers of additional district and session judges have been appointed as ROs.
But this has been delayed as CNPC has had second thoughts about investing more money in the RoS.
Although Ros has developed two streams of curriculum for Level 1 and Engagement, she will adapt, flex and make changes to ensure each young learner has the best experience.
Dros gyfnod o 23 blynedd o hyfforddi pobl, mae Ros Smith wedi ymroi i newid bywydau ei dysgwyr.