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ROSANARepresentation of Stimuli as Neural Activity Project (Community Research and Development Information Service)
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Rosana English was fined PS1,000 and ordered to pay PS1,160 in costs and charges
Rosana Vidal joins Warburg with a wealth of experience leading marketing teams in the New York City luxury real estate industry.
A caracteristica marcante das obras de Rosana Paulino e certamente a tessitura de uma identidade simbolica a partir das vivencias autobiograficas e da memoria da historia da mulher negra no Brasil que impregna, de modo velado, o tecido social do pais.
It's thanks to our amazing staff and customers that we have come this far,” stated Rosana Coloma, ABC Nails owner.
Rosana San Vicente, chief of the BIR's accounts receivable monitoring division, and Customs Deputy Commissioner Agaton Uvero spoke in detail about the two-step accreditation process required under the recently issued department order.
Rosana Ferreira commented of Cody Walker's Facebook page: "I have to agree with you Cody, the media does not respect the suffering of others.
Starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Esai Morales, Rosana De Soto, Marshall Crenshaw, Danielle Von Zerneck, Elizabeth Pena, Joe Pantoliano and Howard Huntsberry, with music by Los Lobos.
Rosana Moreira, PhD, Professor of Food Engineering and Assistant Department Head for Texas A&M University.
Lola, nA[c]e Eliza Rosana Gilbert, falls in love, engages in profitable rompings, and generally gallivants across Europe.
Jemma Swainston-Rainford, 26, dancer, from Jesmond: "I', more of a rebel and like anything rock and roll" Rosana Venda, 18, student, from Newcastle: "I really look up to Rihanna's style just because she is very different to everyone else" She has 1950s glamour"
Rosana Mirkovic, ACCA head of SME policy said: "There is considerable evidence which shows growth is much stronger amongst SMEs with a comprehensive finance function backing them up.
Sequences with a total of 323 base pairs (bp) of the mtDNA control region were obtained from eighty-four specimens of Cichla (GenBank accession numbers FJ872833 to FJ 872916) in six different locations (reservoirs Capivara, Taquarucu and Rosana in the Paranapanema river, and rivers Tapajos, Solimoes and Parana in the region of Porto Rico) (Table 1).