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ROSATRoentgen Satellite
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The X-rays from Chandra and ROSAT reveal hundreds of point sources, which are the young stars in NGC 6357, as well as diffuse X-ray emission from hot gas," NASA said in a (https://www.
and ROSAT (Germany) observatories, launched in 1978 and 1990, respectively, were also equipped with X-ray imaging mirrors, but they were only sensitive to soft X-rays below 2-3 keV.
Spectral classification of optical counterparts to ROSAT all-sky survey X-ray sources', Astron.
Astronomers discovered the first candidate black-hole-shredded stars, dubbed tidal-disruption events, using the ROSAT satellite, which was launched in 1990 to survey the low-energy X-ray sky (100 to 2,000 electron volts).
The ROSAT Bright Star Catalogue confirms that TW CrB is an X-ray source.
Scientists are no longer able to communicate with the German satellite ROSAT and estimate there is a one in 2,000 chance it will hit someone.
Using the ROSAT X-ray satellite, astronomers found that the environment of the cluster hosting C153 was even more violent than expected.
Because young stars emit intense X rays, they stand out prominently in the ROSAT survey.
2+733433 as it is also known following its identification as an X-ray source in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey Faint Source catalogue.
Berlin, Oct 24 (ANI): The defunct German research satellite named ROSAT has crashed into the Earth somewhere in Southeast Asia on Sunday, but the exact location is not known so far, a US scientist has said.
satellite ROSAT and spectra taken by the Japanese satellite ASCA indicate the existence of a few relatively distant galaxy clusters, but the data aren't good enough to determine whether the clusters are as massive and as hot as the ones that Evrard's team predicts.
7-tonne Roentgen Satellite, or ROSAT, slammed into Earth's atmosphere sometime between 01:45 GMT (6:15 IST) and 02:15 GMT (6:45 IST) on Sunday.