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ROSATRoentgen Satellite
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Both ROSAT and EUVE have now completed the first surveys covering the whole sky at EUV wavelengths.
Abell 30 was the only planetary from which Rosat detected diffuse emission.
Collaborating with James Graham of the University of California, Berkeley, Hester has also compared ground-based, visible-light images of the southeastern part of the Cygnus Loop with close-up X-ray pictures of the same region recently taken by ROSAT. The astronomers have found that X-ray radiation - associated with temperatures 100 times hotter than those of atoms emitting visible light - concentrates in an area directly behind the cooler optical emissions.
Such measurements have already been performed with a lower-energy X-ray satellite called ROSAT. Researchers headed by Richard F.
TVEL will thus continue supplying nuclear fuel for nuclear plants in Slovakia for the next five years.At the same time, Slovakia's Economy Ministry signed a memorandum with another state corporation, Rosat, in the area of nuclear energy, which should be used for peaceful purposes.
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The ROSAT mission (RontgenSatellite [8]) measured the Moonin the X-ray spectrum during the first quarter and measured the total power of the lunar X-rays published in 1991 which were [P.sub.M] = 1.2 x [10.sup.12] erg [s.sup.-1] [9].
In fact, experimental efforts like ROSAT, CHANDRA, and XMM have done a lot of measurements to understand the properties of the neutron stars [30, 31].
The XPNAV database could be built by observing the X-ray pulsars for months and some explorers have tried to do that, such as the Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Rontgen Satellite (ROSAT) from the German Aerospace Center (DLR).